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Rules for reproducing TDT material

I give away permissions to print TDT material in magazines mainly because TDT is designed for darters seeking help, and because not all darters in the world can have Internet access. I don't earn money from TDT, and so I obviously expect no one asking for free permission to earn money with my work. TDT wants to support darts. If I can do this by giving you my articles for your league newsletter, I will.

Printing in magazines:

  1. You must ask for permission!! It is not allowed to publish the articles because you qualify without asking before! In your mail you should give a short description of who you are, what type of magazine you want permission for and that you have read and accepted and met the terms and conditions given here (especially point 2).
  2. Your magazine must run on a non-profit basis or support a non-profit organization. Usually dart leagues are such organizations. I don't need a special proof for this, your word is enough.
  3. If you publish material, send me an author's copy of the corresponding magazine issue. You will get my snail mail address along with the permission you have asked for. This is the second most important point! I gave away many permissions until now, but I hardly recieve any magazines! I hope this is not true, but maybe I recieve that few magazines because this is my only proof for point 2...
  4. Don't alter the material's content. You may of course correct spelling errors and shorten text carefully if necessary.
  5. The permission is valid for all material that was part of TDT at the time the permission was given. You may of course ask again when new material is available.
  6. The permission can be withdrawn at any time.
For magazines not qualifying under point 2 TDT material is available for payment. Just contact me in this case if you are interested.

Publishing on the web:

 Publishing on the web is restricted for (hopefully) understandable reasons. You will hardly get permission to publish all articles or documents without certain restrictions for free. However if you are interested, contact me and explain what you have planned to do.