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Soft and Steel dart tips

soft tips
a bunch of soft dart tips

Soft dart tips don't really need "maintenance". Once they are bended or broken just replace them.

If you are using "classic" steel tip darts then you don't have a choice for tips. The darts come with fixed tips that can't be replaced, or can only be replaced with work shop tools. However, there are steel darts with movable tips available. These tips are made for avoiding bounce-outs. These systems are quite good at that and usually reduce bounce-outs by 80 per cent or more.

movable tip system 1movable tip system 1
two movable tip systems, many other systems are on sale

These movable tip systems can be used on special steel darts from the movable tips manufacturer, or on normal and usually a lot cheaper soft darts (for possible compatibility problems see the barrels section). Movable tip systems can be quite expensive. If you are a soft tipper and want to play or practice on a steel tip board on occasion and don't want to invest in movable tips then you can get cheaper "standard" replacement tips:

fixed tip
replacement steel tip for soft tip darts