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Privacy Statement

Due to various reasons I thought it would be a good idea to include a privacy statement in this www project.

Real Privacy is an important subject. Especially governments and large companies like to make their thoughts of "privacy" public. They also like to force website owners to include statements of the kind you will find linked at the bottom of this page (TDT's "Official Privacy Statement"). However, "privacy" and Real Privacy seem to be two very different things.

If you are really interested in what's going on forget "Privacy Statements". For TDT I guarantee that your email address, if you decide to contact me via mail or via feedback, or enter your email address for update notifications, is kept within my system only. I don't sell it to anybody. I don't use it for spam. I use it to contact you to answer your question(s), and I use it to inform you of new issues if you want that. Information in the server logs or from the site tracker is mainly used for my curiosity and as an additional feedback about which pages are visited often and which are hardly ever visited, thus which topics are the most interesting for the public and which topics cover "special interests".

If you are interested how governments deal with your Real Privacy then just start your favourite search engine and enter ECHELON.

Having said this, for everyone interested read TDT's Official Privacy Statement, designed using a recommended online resource.