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How To Throw Well And Win More!
by Frank Pratt & F.M. Harris

Welcome to Fundartmentalland! Ignoring a journalist's law I'll start this review with the summary: "fun*dart*men*tals simply is the best book on getting better in darts I've ever read."

Anyone asking why? Okay (thank you there hiding in the background!), so let's go.

First, it's a real fun book. E.g., do you think a book part named "Mathematics" can only be dull and boring? Yes? Then you don't know Frank's writing. I'm absolutely sure that Frank and me share at least two loves: Darts (hey, once again you there in the background: stop doing these faces at me!), and - puns. Some examples of chapter headlines: Please, Release Me (letting them fly), Gimme A Band-Aide, On Method & Madness, Prattical Practice, Putting Some Rabbits In Your Hat, and so on (no, that's not a headline, it only means there is MUCH more of this!)...

Second, advice and information is hot and damn good. You will learn just about everything from the technical basics of darts (Part 1: Mechanics), best outs in x01 (Part 2: Mathematics), the mental game (oops, thought that's one of my running gags!? - Part 3: Mental Metal), Prattical Cricket, and so on. To make things complete you will find an extract of the dart rules, a glossary of dart terms, and great practicing games (it's Prattical Practice, you know?).

The book is well illustrated, pictures range from some funny dart jokes to explanatory graphics and charts (best out charts you'll ever find, and much more important Frank explains you the method & madness how this out thing really works - by the way: Frank, ya got some fish for me?).

And have I said yet that fun*dart*men*tals simply is the best book on getting better in darts I've ever read?