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Articles On The Mental Game:

Issue 11 - The 501 3rd turn problem
"The interesting phenomenon is that the better your first two turns where, the more crucial is the third turn becoming, and the higher is the probability that inexperienced players fail there. "
Issue 10 - A single problem
"...there is a lot of pressure on preparing singles, and many players fail exactly here, while they hit doubles or trebles nicely. So how can one work against this?"
Issue 9 - Against the board or the opponent?
"It's one of the really big questions, most controversial even amongst players of high standard, and there are practical and, as I want to say, philosophical approaches to it."
Issue 8 - Mental Quickfix Program
"In this issue I want to give you a short checklist (and a nice story on strange thinking in the end) for use in an ongoing match, when you discover that things are slipping out of your hand."
Issue 7 - A White Moment
"It is said to occur at the point in a match in which the victor takes the game from the loser. It isn't necessarily the game ending shot, but the shot that decides the outcome."
Issue 6 - Visualizing
"Close your eyes and see yourself standing in front of the oche. Try to imagine as much details as possible."
Issue 5 - Dart FAQ
Your questions and my answers to them. What to do on slumps, technical problems, missing motivation?
Issue 4 - Energy
"The important thing on this subject now is that three energy situation types (B-D) effect your game, allowing you to play only at a particular percentage of your 100 per cent capabilities."
Issue 3 - Far behind or in the lead? - part 2
"The solution is: expect the unexpected. Always remember before a match that it can be easier than you might think."
Issue 2 - Far behind or in the lead? - part 1
"Raise your shoulders, raise your head and step to the oche in full confidence. Don't care about the standings in the match. Just look like a winner."
Issue 1 - Tension
"It's that simple and that hard: Don't think of winning or losing. Simply think of PLAYING."