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Posted by kurt ( on 15:41:07 07/04/04

In Reply to: Front weight darts posted by Ja15963

My three cents on your two questions.
The first: No,one is not "better" than the other; "best" is what works best for you.
Doesn't matter with respect to cost,design,material (wood,brass,tungsten alloy)or flight/shaft combination.
Personally, I think front-loaded darts are somewhat easier for beginners to throw well as their design promotes a consistant grip placement. Consistant grip and consistant release combine to result in increased accuracy;same applies to any dart,it's just intitially more difficult for most to do with a center-weighted dart,as they are less "forgiving" with respect to grip placement,particularly with lighter weight darts.
With enough reps and practice,you find the proper grip spots for your style of throw without thought.
Take a look at what the world-class pros shoot.
I believe the vast majority shoot center-weighted darts. Among former world champions (PDC or BDO recognized -local hotshots excluded),I think John Lowe and the great Dennis Priestly won their titles shooting front loaded darts. Currently,and going back several years,I think you'd be hard pressed to find a pro ranked in the top 20 (by any federation) shooting a front-loaded dart.
Next...Laserdart's claim on "increased accuracy" (?)is a great shot shot from marketing and sales,as they would like you to part with big bucks (or slightly smaller big bucks) for their Black Widows or their less expensive KC's. I think their design claim for Black Widows states that the dart's (Black Widow -not KC's) slightly front-loaded design promotes "tighter groupings",which suggests an already high standard of accuracy. They think it's true. It may or may not be for you,too.
Finally,if you are considering Black Widows,spring loose another $20 for the Voks designed ELC moveable points. In my opinion Lasedart makes a very good,albeit expensive product in this dart. 95-97% tungsten is difficult to machine (quite brittle,scrap or discard rate is relatively high),so part of the price likely reflects costing out the rejects. I think the darts are well made,quite well matched (very very little difference in weight among each) and well finished. Addtionally, I understand that the company is very good about replacing a broken dart (see "brittle" comment again above)should this happen.
Okay,my three cents turned to four going on five...
Good luck,

: There are some darts that are front-loaded and some are center weight. Is one better then the other. Laserdarts claim that front-weighted dart increased accuracy. Is that true?

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