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Posted by Zeeple ( on 10:08:02 06/12/04

In Reply to: Re: The "Perfect" Dart posted by Ken D

Hm. I, too, am on such a quest, although the 'perfect' dart is not unlike the Holy Grail. Elusive at best.

I am leaning toward this general configuration: front loaded tungsten, short shaft, big flight.

Specifically, I have found that fixed point is Closer To Perfect (CTP) than anything that moves, that 24 grams is CTP than any other weight in most situations, and that Tungsten is definitely the material of choice.

As to the barrel itself, I personally am leaning toward some sort of front loading, but I am certain that most players who are highly ranked would argue for a thin straight barrel. The difference between me and them though, is that they can try for a Ton80 and reasonable expect to get it. I am still trying to improve my game to the point where I can reasonably expect to get one out of three darts into the triple. Thus for me, for now, a forwarded weighted dart is CTP.

I currently prefer the Taper. I do not have any Front Bulge darts although I have my eye on the KC's from Laserdarts. If I can find them on sale somewhere I am going to get them. My current dart that I have been practicing most with is a 24 gram smooth Magic Darts 'Bomb'. It has a good taper and a compact design.

Shafts are a tricky part of the configuration. I lately have been preferring the nylon shafts because they do not require washers and because with a ring on the end they keep the flights tightly in place and they can recover fully from a Robin Hood. I usually go with the short shafts but if you have a short barrel you need a longer shaft, but there is no dart out there that I have seen that can justify a shaft longer than medium.

Flights. Any dart heavier than about 21 or 22 grams is going to want a standard sized flight. Slim flights are for the light weight ssoft tip darts. And I recommend you at least experiment with the Spiraline flights, even though I admit I use the standard dimplex most of the time. Standard Dimplex flights ar CTP than smooth standard flights, and smooth standard flights are CTP than just about any other flight. The jury is still out on the Spiralines.

The perfect dart. Some day...


: Hey, Jeff.....you might not be happy with one set of darts...There was a shooter in a closeby community, who was invincible. He always won his home town tournament, ours, and a couple of others elsewhere. He was truly a nice guy, away from the board, so, after one of the events I asked him about his style, his attitude, and his darts. His answers helped improve my game. He simply hated everybody at the toe line. Feigned or real, it helped him stay focussed.
: To your question: Darts: He shot different weights for different moods, and different halls. he increased the weight when the halls got drafty, so his darts tracked better, and when he caught himself doing an exaggerated delivery, again he went to the heavier darts. He uses 24's everyday, and goes to 27 or 29 when the need arises. The heavier dart wants to slow down the delivery,but make it more "torquey" thereby smoothing out the bumps. Once he felt his regular form starting to come back, he'd go back to his regular darts, if the hall permitted.
: This may or may not work for you...but you can certainly try some heavier bullets during your practice, or play. Double tops till you drop....
: KD
: : Fellow dart enthuasists:
: : As many of you all here are doing I am still in my search for the perfect dart. I'm messing with all kinds of shaft and flight combinations, buying some more sets of darts and also practicing with some of the stronger players in my league.
: : The real problem I think I am having is my consistency of my release. I always feel my arm is at the same spot, but obviously it isn't. Any ideas on how to develop the smooth repeatable stroke that makes champions?????
: :
: : I can't keep playing bar darts my entire life. Just once I'd like to enter a tournament or two and finish in the top 4 or even 8 for that matter.
: :
: : As always amy and ALL comments and suggestions are welcomed.
: :
: : Thanks in advance,
: : Jeff

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