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Mechanical basics - Pictures of dart stance

Some pictures of stance

Stance, from the left side Here you can see how I stand when I'm playing darts. 

Almost all weight rests on the right stance foot, while the left balance foot just -- well, holds balance. A line drawn from the stance foot to the balance foot would be about rectangular to the oche. This angle is strongly recommended. If you can't find any balance this way, you should work on it. This will be more benefitial than using a different stance. 

You can also see that I like having my right foot at a good angle against the oche (and that I like my shoes dusty). There is no problem if you have your foot at a different angle -- rectangular or parallel to the oche, everything is possible. 

Also note that wearing jeans as baggy as mine is not absolutely necessary.  Stance, from the left side again Stance, view from behind Obviously stance again, front view