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The following is a collection of links that have nothing to do with darts.

The Week in Chess by Mark Crowther (English)
The Week In Chess is the best chess magazine on the planet. Up-to-date, weekly, comprehensive, and free! For me this is the best site on the internet.
Chess is my favourite hobby, I even prefer it to darts. Just a pity that I'm much better at darts than at chess. For those who can use these figures - at the moment I have an Austrian  national ELO rating of 1957. That would mean USCF of slightly above 2000 (the USCF ratings' level is usually 100 points higher than the Austrian).

Wien Online (German)
Who says governments never do good work? This site from the Vienna city government gives info on just everything you might want or have to do in my home city.

The Internet movie database (English)
Nearly every available information on almost every movie ever made. More than 180.000 titles searchable.

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