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Some pictures of grips

#1: Two basic grips on a cylindrical barrel 

Long cylindrical barrel - 3 finger grip

The left picture shows my standard grip - 3 fingers on the barrel (the 4th finger is not touching, although it might look like this on the picture). The small finger is spread away slightly. 
Long cylindrical barrel - 4 finger grip

The right picture shows a 4 finger grip on the same dart. 

Both pictures show my thumb placed well behind the dart's center of gravity -- good for touch. The tip of the dart of course points nicely up. 

(the dart used is a Bottelsen Hammer Head "Bernd Hebecker", 18gr barrel) 

#2: the same grip as #1 on a shorter barrel

3 fingers on a short barrel

These 2 pictures show that it is often no problem to use the same grip on a different dart. 3 fingers touch the barrel which is more ton-shaped and shorter -- 4 fingers wouldn't fit on the dart here. 

(the dart is Harrows "Dennis Priestley") 3 fingers on a short barrel

#3 the pencil grip

The pencil grip

Both pictures show the "pencil" grip from different angles. This grip is widespread and good to use, at least good enough for world champ Phil Taylor. 

(the dart is again my "Bernd Hebecker" Hammer Head) 
  Okay okay, I have to admit it - I'm not Phil!

#4 - variations

Looks a bit strange, huh?

A grip used by one of my teammates. The left picture shows the "original", the other me trying to copy it on my dart. This grip is a bit on the extreme side, so not recommended for beginners.  Mmm, feels a bit strange, too!