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FAQ - Dart Weight

My question is this: In what situations do you feel 
that switching from your usual set of darts to 
another type is beneficial?  I normally play 
a set of 28gr. English darts which are well 
balanced towards the center of the barrel, 
but I also have a set that are extremely nose heavy.
Somtimes I can throw these much more accuratley 
than my usual set, but there is no consistancy in
determining which set to throw.
If you can't figure out which set is suitable then probably none of the two sets is exactly right for you. The perfect situation would be you have one set of darts you feel completely comfortable with. As you play 28gr darts which is definitely on the very heavy side I'm thinking of you as a not-so experienced player. Usually experienced players don't throw heavier than 24gr. (e.g. Mike Gregory plays 24 and he is the *heaviest* amongst the pros as far as I know). There are some diffculties with the very heavy darts to get much better 'cause they don't react that sensible and throwers don't get enough *feedback* from the dart on how it *wants* to be thrown right. Heavy darts are okay for beginners and not so experienced players to develop a decent throwing technique, but once you upgrade to an average or expert player you might want a dart that reacts more sensible to your *work*. So when looking for something new, as I think this could be the right situation for you to do so and benefit from it, try something around 24 grams. I've talked to pro Rod Harrington some years ago, and he said he started with very heavy darts just like yours and when he tried lighter ones his game improved dramatically to the nearly perfect one he has now (the time we talked he was playing 18gr.).