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FAQ - Outshots for 01 games

Question :  In the 301 double in/out games I frequently have no
idea what to aim at to have the best leave.  I saw a chart once
that had all the numbers listed from 301 - 2 and indicated what
to throw at to go out or leave the best number.  Do you know 
where I might find such a listing again?  

Please let me know.  

Hi Dwayne,

the only source for such a list is as far as I know Kari Kaitanen's excellent 'the dart book'. He had a webpage running with a short excerpt, but I think it is off line now. Unofrtunately this book is out of print and should therefore be very hard to obtain. It is quite possible that you are meaning a different source because Kari's list was for 501 straight in double out, but as I said this is the only thing I know.

I have been playing darts for three years 
now and have learned several different 
strategies for different situations. For 
example with three darts left and 14 points 
remaining throw at the 6/10 pie this leaves 
either double 4 or 2 and no chance of hitting
a single 7.  Also with 70/62 or any time I 
need 30 points, I throw at the triple 10  
a single leaves another single 20 to reach 
my goal or a 15 leaves another 15 all adding 
up to 30. My question is do you know of other 
specific situations or combinations where using 
the position of numbers on the board
can make it easier to win the game.
There are several combinations of the type you mentioned. Many of them you surely know, but I'll give them here. Most of them use the dartboard layout with the 3 'even wedges' at 16/8, 10/6 and 18/4 or the large 'odd wedge' 7/19/3/17

46: 6/10
35: 3/19
38: 6/10
25: 17/3 (I'd only recommend this when the match is very close)
42: 10/6
41: 17/3 (see 25)
23: 7/19/3
39: 7/19/3
22: 6/10
30: 6/10
26: 6/10
48: 16/8
64: T16/T8
61: T19/T7 (if you don't like bull here)
54: 18/(4) (see 25)
18: 6/10
21: 17/3 (see 25)
43: 3/19
56: T16/T8
17: 9/(14) (because you are still on with 3 if you miss the 9, but only if you have 3 darts in hand
and it's close)
19: 11 or 15, or 3/17 (see 25...)
68: T12/9 (because you will have single+dbl when you miss to 9, and on the usual 60 shot you
will leave 63 or 67 worst)

There are probably some more, but these are the ones that came to my mind first.