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FAQ - Movable tips

I have now become serious about playing and 
I bought a bristle board last week and have been 
playing daily with friends and barrowing my 
friends Hammer Heads. I have just joined a 
league and I am looking at purchasing a great 
set of darts. Are the movable tip
darts reaaly worth the money?
If you are used to play on fairly new and very good bristle boards, e.g. diamond wire or sg. like that, you won't need the movable tip. But usual darts is different: pubs with old boards, poor wire spiders, and so on. So for a normal dartsplayer the movable tip is worth it's money, while pros don't need it any more cause they play on top-conditioned boards only.
I recently changed from 20gr Black Widows to 23gr Hammerhead GT3s. Since
the switch I have noticed a drastic increase in the number of
bounce-outs. I thought the Hammerheads were supposed to reduce
bounce-outs.  Has anyone else had this experience? Does anyone have any
explaination for this.  THANKS
Since your darts (weight!) have also changed considerably during this switch it is possible that your throw doesn't fit those darts.

Hammerheads should of course reduce bounceouts. If the opposite is true this can have the following technical reasons:

- your darts enter the board at a very high angle (more than 45 degrees). The hammer action then has no effect or can even have the negative effect you've experienced.

- your darts enter the board at a negative angle (flight end down). This is generally bad, but with movable tips it can be even worse.

- your darts wobble considerably, which means the angle when entering the board is almost random.

If none of the above applies to you then the hammerhead system simply isn't made for you -- maybe strange, but possible. This only iof the bounce-outs result like usual from hitting the wire. If the dart just falls out of the board then you should work on the tips with grinding paper. Grind rectangular to the tip. Just a few strokes are enough.