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FAQ - Playing doubles (pairs) matches

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Then I have another quite major problem right now. In our league we play 
single games first and after that the pairs and the last game is a team 
match of the two teams playing 1001 against each other. Lately my single 
games go pretty well and I win them most of the time but then the trouble 
begins. Then I have to play the pair game with my usual partner. But I 
just can't seem to get into my rhythm in those games. While throwing some 
darts just before those matches, I hit everything I want, but when the 
atch starts it's all 60's en 41's just terrible. Maybe I put to much 
pressure on myself because I don't want to let my partner down. I guess 
it's a common problem for players to find their rhythm in the pairs so 
maybe you know a way to beat it? 
I had the same problems in finding my rhythm in doubles matches for a very long time. You have to learn - and accept - that doubles are a different game (and a more difficult game than singles I'm sure). You are right, this is a common problem, and the main solution is experience. It can help to discuss your problems with your partner - maybe you both can learn from the other's problem, and get a better understanding of what's going on. Although I think I have developed quite a good understanding of doubles rhythm and how to handle partner and opponent, there are still a lot of people I can't play with, although they are strong and we are good friends. A lot of this understanding is not explainable, it is feeling more than logic. Putting too much pressure on your own game is possible, and also the different taking it too easy because you rely on your partner. You will have to find your won mode of operation in doubles. Again awareness is step 1. Once you know this is different game you can think of it and try to find ways for improvement.