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FAQ - drinking

Also see the related issue tension.

Hi there,
              My name is Carl and I have a few 
questions for you.  Do you suggest a beer or two 
during matches to release tension?

What length shaft do you recomend?  Shorter or longer?
What type of flight do you recomend?    
                        Thanks again
To your question - if it is one or two beers during a whole tournament day and you think this can help you, then it is okay.

I've always preferred the "mental way" of releasing tension. I used small amounts of alcohol for a different reason - when I felt bad at practicing before the tournament because of muscle-bound, then I used to have a drink, and this usually worked well.

For your question about shafts and flights this is not that easy. Tuning darts is a very personal thing and depends mostly on your particular throwing technique. For beginners or not that experienced players I suggest middle-length shafts and "standard" form flights.